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Personica’s expert teams are designed to help you execute winning marketing campaigns and make pricing and strategy decisions to boost your bottom line.

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Strategic Solutions, Personalized

Our marketing and analytics teams are now yours.

Campaign strategy and execution

Need extra oomph or expertise?
We’ve got you covered.

Campaign Development

We’ll create data-based guest segments for both batch-and-blast and 1:1 personalized email, sms, and push campaigns.

Creative Development

Backed by an award-winning creative team who truly speaks restaurant, we’ll create compelling graphics and messaging to keep your customers engaged.

Loyalty and Offers Strategy

Using data to lead the way, our team can help you develop a strategy that builds loyalty with or without points.

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Pricing & Menu Analytics

Challenging strategic decisions?
Reliable recommendations.

Price Optimization

Our team uses demand-based econometric pricing, advanced analytics, and risk assessment to give you profit-boosting, data-driven pricing recommendations with predictable results.

Menu Optimization

We streamline, innovate, and engineer your menu for optimal profitability. Our team combines guest research, TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis, transaction data, and our restaurant business expertise to help you make profit-boosting menu choices.

Competitor Menu Intelligence

Analyze competitor menu prices and items in your markets to discover potential revenue opportunities.

Guest & Market Research

Build a deeper understanding of your customers and your position in the market. Our experts analyze social media data to gauge guest satisfaction and sentiment and help guide your marketing and pricing decisions.

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PricePosition Competitor Intel

.Select your competitors, key products and markets.
.Align your key products to comparable competitor menu items.
.Receive white glove support from Analysts and Researchers throughout project.
.Access data via custom dashboards that can be used across your team.
.Review comprehensive reports in 8-12 weeks.

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Competitor menu price analysis in your segment and markets – accurate, timely, and affordable.


Make every guest experience a personalized moment.

Omni-Channel Messaging

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